Regards: NSW Department of Education Media Release ‘Schools to Implement Distancing Measures’

All District, Zone, North Coast, NSWPSSA, NSWCHSSA activities will be ‘temporarily ceased until further notice’.
Knockouts / State-wide Competitions: despite the wording of the release that “Local inter-school sport and other activities can proceed…” the directive I have received this morning is that all official PSSA and CHS school-based matches are also to be ‘temporarily ceased until further notice’.
The following North Coast SSA activities planned for this Term will not proceed –

1. Primary Tennis trials

2. Primary Basketball trials

3. Secondary Canoeing Carnival

4. Secondary 15s Touch trials

5. Secondary Netball trials

6. Secondary Hockey trials

7. Primary Football trials

8. Secondary Football trials

9. Primary Australian Football trials

10. Secondary Rugby Union trials

The following NSWPSSA/CHS events will also not proceed-

1. All Schools 15s Cricket

2. SSA Secondary Triathlon

3. All Schools Tennis

4. Secondary Girls Volleyball championships

5. Secondary 16s Rugby Union trials

6. Secondary Swimming Championships

7. Primary Swimming Championships

8. Secondary Baseball State-wide finals

We will keep you posted as things unfold further.

Thank you
Hilary Dance-Wilson